Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live Internet Streaming - for you and for me...

...and the entire human race....

Imagine you are walking down Brigade Road or Dover lane or Central Park or..................   anyways it's not important where you are. Now imagine that you spot somebody playing a really awesome guitar riff that you have never heard before. How would it be if you could stream the person live through your handheld on to an audience on the internet and maybe take live requests. You could make the person famous. You could get famous yourself. The obscure man with the guitar could now get a face.

Just a thought - not an impossible one though.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Band Emblems

Was wondering about this for quite a while. The best band emblems through times. Some are extremely creative. Come to think of it, most musicians are art school dropouts at heart.  Read on......

10.  The Offspring

The famous flaming skull emblem has become the "torch bearer" of sorts for the new age punk rock revolution and is also identified with Napster. Reason being they were the only ones who supported P2P file sharing and even had Napster t-shirts distributed at their concerts.

9. Phish

On the surface its a logo that looks like a fish for a band named Phish. But that's only on the surface. If you read it upside down it reads "Acid". Variations of the logo have it reading as liquid (as in LSD). Wicked.

8. Jamiroquai
This is a very good example of how a picture can lead to brand identification. The picture is an identification for the band's lead vocalist Jason Kay.He did come dressed as a buffalo in quite a few of the videos :)

7. Nine Inch Nails

NIN for the win as they say. If you are from the 90s and if you did not have atleast one t-shirt with the perfectly symmetrical NIN drawn on it then you have not been alternative.

6. AC/DC

You like hard rock, you have heard AC/DC, you have been hit by lightening and you know what the logo looks like. The "/" is made to look like a electric volt. For obvious reasons.


I find this one especially creative. As we know the band's name is an acronym for the two couples in the group -- Agnetha & Björn, and Benny & Anni-Frid . So in the logo the two B's face each of their respective partner A's. Sensitive Swedes ;)

4. Queen

A work of art this one. The letter "Q" in the queen's crest is surrounded by the zodiac signs of each of the four band members. Freddie Mercury (the band's lead singer) came up with this logo. That he was a graduate from the London school of arts must have come handy.

3. The Grateful Dead

The famous "Steal your face" symbol was originally intended to "mark" the band's equipments so that other rock bands did not accidentally exchange guitars et all during rock festivals.

2.  Led Zeppelin

The biggest band of the early seventies had perhaps one of the most popular emblems of the century. The four symbols on the logo and inside sleeve of Led Zeppelin IV, representing (from left to right) Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, and Robert Plant.
 Each had their own unique reason for the symbols.

1.  The Rolling Stones

One of the most easily recognizable motifs, done by John Pasche the emblem was inspired by Mick Jagger's lips and the Hindu goddess Kali.