Friday, October 23, 2009

Bangla Rock

In our attempt to keep looking for lesser knows bands who are really big on Music, RhythmFish 21.5 FM over the weekend will host a lot of Bangla Rock. Most of these artists have distinct influences of Pink Floyd, Punk Rock, Metallica etc. The heavy bass guitars and the distinct sounds of lead and metal are hard to miss. Also, a lot of songs have a very strong psychedellic bend to them. Combined with fiery Bangla lyrics and a fusion of the popular Bengali folk music poured in generous amounts along with heavy metal , these songs make for a gripping experience.
Sample these soul stirring lyrics from Mohiner Ghoraguli

bhebe dekhecho ki
tararao joto alok borsho dure
taro dure
tumi aar ami jai krome shore shore

Mohiner Ghoraguli was perhaps the first band that ventured into this phenomenon, which is now mastered by some very popular Bangla Rock bands.

So if you are in it for the music, and (and you really need not know these lyrics) do tune-in at the hours mentioned on the right hand side events list.

PS: If you really like some particular song, do leave a comment. This will help us promote the voice behind the song.


Anonymous said...

good ..early mornig list was nice .

21.5FM said...

Thank you. Are you referring to the Bangla Rock list? If yes, is there any particular band that you like?