Monday, April 12, 2010

Lady Gaga - more than just shock value?

Recently one of my friends came running gleefully (like a little girl who suddenly found her long lost barbie) declaring that "he" was one of the first to check out Lady Gaga's latest number called "bad romance" and that I should most definitely check it out.
Now I don't think much of lady gaga and everytime she comes on VH1 I am compelled to reach for my remote and change the channel simply because she is really an eyesore. Especially telephone where she has paired up with Beyonce is perhaps a very good example of why moms don't let their teen daughters watch TV. Pretty awfully bad to put it mildly.

However on my friend's insistence (and given that previously he did display relatively better taste in music) I went on to check out Bad Romance...

And I was pleasantly surprised. The lady actually does have talent. I especially liked the range she displayed in going from one mood to another. Pretty powerful singing there. Take a listen for yourself guys, this lady is here to stay.....

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